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International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work


International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community WorkWe recommend this on-line internationally peer-reviewed journal to practitioners who wish to stay in touch with the latest ideas and developments in narrative practice. This journal offers hopeful and creative ideas for counsellors, social workers, teachers, nurses, psychologists, and community workers. In each issue, practitioners from a range of different countries discuss the ideas and practices that are inspiring them in their work, the dilemmas they are grappling with, and the issues most dear to their hearts. Their writings are easy-to-read while remaining rigorous and thoughtful. The first section of each issue revolves around a particular theme, while the second consists of a collection of practice-based papers on various topics. The journal is produced four times a year.

  • Wanting to read challenging and hopeful writings? 
  • Looking for new ideas in your counselling practice?
  • Feeling isolated or burnt out? 
  • Inspired by your work and looking to constantly improve your skills?
  • Looking for international links and training opportunities?

Then this may be the journal for you!


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