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Sustaining hope

in contexts of trauma and hardship


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  • How can we respond effectively to individuals and groups who are experiencing great hardship?

  • How can we acknowledge, sustain, and strengthen people’s own skills of survival?

We have two separate foundations: Dulwich Centre Foundation works within Australia and Dulwich Centre Foundation International works in many different countries with children, young people and adults who have experienced significant trauma or adversity.

As not-for-profit charitable organisations, we respond to groups and communities facing mental health difficulties as the result of significant hardships (trauma, violence, drug and alcohol issues, grief and loss, poverty, racism, discrimination, dispossession, war, and so on).

The work of our Foundations involves:

  • direct counselling and community work with individuals, groups, and communities

  • developing respectful, effective, and culturally-appropriate methodologies to respond to community mental health issues and collective trauma

  • working in partnership with local communities to engage with children, young people, and adults using these methodologies

  • building the capacity of local mental health workers/community members to address mental health issues in a range of contexts.

The Dulwich Centre Foundation is linked with Dulwich Centre which, over the last 25 years, has established a national and international reputation in relation to the development, provision, and training of narrative therapy and community work. Methodologies developed at Dulwich Centre have been taught in many university courses, and adopted by many counselling, mental health, and community organisations both in Australia and overseas.

Australian Projects

Dulwich Centre Foundation's current projects include:

International Projects

Dulwich Centre Foundation International's current projects include:

Sponsors of Dulwich Centre Foundation

Dulwich Centre Foundation would like to acknowledge the support of:

  • Mental Health Council of Australia
  • Collier Charitable Fund
  • Diverse Australia Project - Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Trust Company
  • Fred Archer Charitable Trust
  • Melbourne Narrative Therapy Community!
  • Community Benefit South Australia (South Australian Government)
  • The Samuel Nissen Charitable Foundation
  • Perpetual Philanthropic Services
  • Scanlon Foundation

Sponsors of Dulwich Centre Foundation International

Dulwich Centre Foundation International would like to acknowledge the support of:

  • Direct Aid Program, AusAID, Australian Government in relation to work conducted in Rwanda, Uganda, Iraq and Sri Lanka
  • SMEC Foundation
  • European Commission for work in Palestine 


We work with partners throughout Australia and different parts of the world. To learn more, click here

This following pages provide overviews of some of the projects we have worked on recently, as well as the services we offer, resources we have available, and training we provide.

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