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Popular articles about narrative therapy and community work

We have included here a series of popular articles published by Dulwich Centre Publications. These articles cover the theory and practice of narrative approaches to therapy, social work, and community work.

Many more articles are available on the Narrative Therapy Library website.

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Introducing narrative therapy


Commonly-asked questions about narrative approaches to therapy, community work, and psychosocial support

Collective paper


What is narrative therapy?: An easy-to-read introduction

by Alice Morgan


Externalising: Commonly-asked questions

From the book Narrative therapy: Responding to your questions

by Maggie Carey & Shona Russell


Workshop notes

  • Externalising conversations exercise
  • Statement of position maps 1 & 2
  • Therapeutic posture
  • Re-authoring conversations
  • Re-membering conversations
  • Definitional ceremony and outsider-witness
  • Attending to the consequences of trauma
  • Distinctions between traditional & modern power
  • Addressing personal failure

by Michael White

International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work


The narrative metaphor in family therapy (an interview)

by Michael White


From isolation to community: Collaborating with children and families in times of crisis

by Elizabeth Buckley and Philip Decter


Linking stories and initiatives: A narrative approach to working with the skills and knowledge of communities

by David Denborough, Carolyn Koolmatrie, Djapirri Mununggirritj, Djuwalpi Marika, Wayne Dhurrkay & Margaret Yunupingu


Telling our stories in ways that make us stronger

From the book Telling our stories in ways that make us stronger

by Barbara Wingard


Co-research: The making of alternative knowledge

by David Epston


Collaborative representation: Narrative ideas in practice

by Sue Mann


Narrandera Aboriginal Narrative Gathering

The write-up of a community gathering that took place with the Narrandera Koori (Aboriginal) Community in April 2002 and documentation of the follow-up to this gathering. Also included are a number of songs that were written and recorded during the gathering.

Narrandera Koori Community

Documented by David Denborough


Making sense of illness narratives: Braiding theory, practice and the embodied life

by Kaethe Weingarten


Dancing with death

by Lorraine Hedtke


The journey of a lifetime: Group work with women who have experienced sexual assault

From the book Introducing narrative therapy: A collection of practice-based writings

by Lisa McPhie and Chris Chaffey


Storying professional identity

by John Winslade


An institute of community participation

Inspiring community work from the Latino community in California

by America Bracho


Deconstructing Addiction

A wide range of articles available exploring 'addiction' to alcohol and other drugs

Other popular articles


Community song writing and narrative practice

A paper and songs by David Denborough. First published in Clinical Psychology, issue 17, September 2002


African American experience and the healing of relationships

From the book Family therapy: Exploring the field's past, present and possible futures

an interview with Kenneth V. Hardy


On critical thinking

by Mary Heath


Beating Sneaky Poo: Ideas for faecal soiling (1985; pdf, 799 KB) and Beating Sneaky Poo 2nd edition (1988) - more compact format (pdf, 356 KB)

Terry Heins & Karen Ritche

Queer counselling and narrative practice articles
For more articles on this theme see the book 'Queer counselling and narrative practice'


 Resisting normativity: Queer musings on politics, identity, and the performance of therapy

by Julie Tilsen and David Nylund


Queer lives and spiritual leanings

by Charles Jasper


Linking lives around shared themes: Narrative group therapy with gay men

by Chris Behan

See also the free video presentation: Some things I have learned about sex, gender and sexuality

by Mary Heath


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